Welcome to your one stop shop for the juicy details on all that street food has to offer. This website is designed to satisfy your appetite with interesting tidbits of information and morsels regarding food, especially the quick, grab and eat flavours found in various stalls around the country. In a sense we show you what’s hot and happening not only in Auckland, but other places in and around New Zealand. This is catered for by our recent news section, where inspired dishes of the world are brought into full view and appreciation.

Street food is more than just about the joys of filling hunger pangs, it’s about the meeting of people and enhancing experience and trying exciting new foods. The usual setting is that stalls are set up in market place or events take place allowing you to travel the world without incurring the cost of flights. You get to sample new tastes and experience from foods you would not necessarily go online to find a recipe for. Some may be an acquired taste, but these ingredients are sure to give you your own light bulb moment. That is the beauty of street food, as it is often the type of meal that is eaten by common people in their native countries.

Another benefit, is the idea of supporting local vendors and buying local products. They can support themselves, interact with others while expanding the possibilities for the community. All in all, we do hope that you enjoy our site and feel inspired to become part of the global street food consuming trend.