Food Trucks – Meals on Wheels, Treats With Seats

Milwaukee is the home of the food truck and the season has just begun. Traditional street food served through the hatch on a truck always seems to have that authentic taste that restaurants cannot grasp. The beautiful thing about food trucks is that each offers their style of food, each has a dash of flair that the other is missing, but one thing for sure, they all serve up nothing short of delicious.

Mazorca – The Semi-Permanent Restaurant

Traditionally a food truck travels from place to place, distributing food wherever the people are. Mazorca is a food truck with a difference. The truck isn’t mobile; it parks permanently on 1st and Pittsburgh Streets. It is more semi-permanent restaurant than a food truck; however, the dishes served up are food truck quality and bursting with flavour. Tacos will never taste as mouth-watering as through the hatch on the Mazorca food truck.

Drift MKE – Meats and Sweet Treats

A good truck inspired by a traditional New Zealand Cafe. The delicious bites on offer are both savoury and sweet. Whichever you choose, you will surely be pleasantly surprised when you sink your teeth in. Flavoursome and delicious, everything you expect from a food truck.

The Falafel Guys – Serve It Up Spicy

Falafels and shawarmas are the order of the day. Served with traditional, Middle Eastern flair and flavour. These guys are hard to pin down and pop up randomly all over the city. While the food truck is their secondary source of income, they have a restaurant as well; it is by far tastier on wheels.

The city is crawling with food trucks, all you have to do is pick your favourite and indulge or, perhaps, try something new. As with everything, you are likely to have the tasty adventure you were craving to make each day just a bit exciting.

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