Heating Up The Food Industry In Iceland

Street food has long been a popular choice for foodies; however, Rita Didriksen and Asmundur Palmason have taken it to a level beyond comprehension. Along with kiwi head Chef, Glen Moyle, the food scene has never looked so tantalising.

Middle-Eastern Fusion Icelandic Lamb Delicacy

Lamb is quite common as a meat choice in Iceland, however, turning it into street food has given it an entirely new lease on life. The restaurant supports local which is always a boost for any community. The lamb used is Icelandic as well as the ingredients which are sourced from local farmers. The best elements will always result in a meal that is mouthwatering. The middle-eastern flair is added to the lamb through spices and flavouring, offering a unique and somewhat delectable eating experience. Not what you expect from fast food.

The Restaurant, Far From a Street Vendor

Formerly a teacher, Didrikssen had the idea in her head, so she just had to put it into action. As with any new business, Rita did approach it with trepidation, but once the ball was in motion and she realised how well-received the dish was, she knew the choice was the right one.

While the food is modelled on traditional street food with wraps filled with succulent lamb, the restaurant itself is far from a vendor. The furnishings are simplistic, yet functional and have that touch of class you wouldn’t expect. The unique interior marking which replicates the ear markings on sheep is a personal touch that adds to the individuality of the restaurant.

The man in charge of the delights on offer is head chef Glen Moyle. Moyle is from New Zealand which is also famous for its lamb offerings. He certainly has the experience with the meat, and it seems he will be flying high in the Grandi Harbour area. Lamb Street Food is the place to be seen.

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