Markets were not traditionally known as places where people could hang out and enjoy some ridiculously delicious street foods. Markets used to be places where people purchased farmer greens, hence the popularity of farmer’s markets across New Zealand, or purchase some second-hand clothes and some arts and crafts. Although food has always been a part of the fabric of the market scene it has only been in recent years where food has become the actual draw in of a market. This has been fuelled by the popularity of night markets whose sole purpose is to promote street food vendors to come up and showcase their culinary abilities.

The Business Is Competitive

The street food business is rather competitive and cooks are required to bring their most creative, delicious and appealing food ideas to the game. Whatever dish a street food trader specialises in they need to be doing it better than anyone else on the scene. This is because the scene is no easy feat to crack and it requires the ability to self-promote, adapt, as well as evolve. There is also the need to leave customers wanting more and not only that, but leaving them so invested in the awesomeness of the product that they spread the word about where to find food trucks.

How Markets Open Doors for Street Vendors

Markets are a great place for street food vendors to showcase they skills in the form of food stalls, pop-up stores or food trucks to showcase their products. This is because the markets conduct their own marketing to draw in crowds of people. Once the customers show up, the street vendor just needs to stand out. Markets in Auckland such as the Auckland’s Night Markets draw in thousands of people who are all seeking to try out new flavors, dishes and delicacies. The fact that these markets are in eight various locations around the city allows more vendors the opportunity to be seen.