How One Street Food Trader is Bringing Traditional Hãngi To The People

When it comes to traditional New Zealand delicacies there is no shortage of them, however, there is one dish in particular that many New Zealanders agree is pretty much above the rest. This, of course, would be the hugely popular hãngi dish which is guaranteed to leave your mouth watering and your taste buds searching for more. The appeal of hãngi is mostly found in all the flavours that burst through, coupled with ingredients designed to fill you up.

What Goes In A Hãngi Dish?

The traditional dish which consists of meats namely, chicken and lamb, vegetables such as pumpkin, sweet potato, cabbage and fried bread; it has made a name for itself amongst not just New Zealand locals but foreign travellers. The dish can, however, be mixed up a bit and interpreted differently by the cook. This trait has allowed the dish to be versatile as cooks can play around with ingredients and flavours. This allows the cook to show off their own culinary style when preparing and serving up this much-loved dish. Cooks explore all the potential ways of making this dish truly spectacular and then use their street food trader cred to share it with the people.

Hãngi Leading The Pack

One street food trader bringing hãngi to the forefront of street food is NZ street food. Aside from the rather straightforward name, the New Zealand street food enthusiasts are far from standard. Aside from hãngi they also offer other dishes to their street food devotees which includes ready to chow dishes such as fried bread, mussel fritters and a breakfast dish with a kiwi twist. NZ street food prides themselves in bringing traditional Maori dishes to the attention of not just their fellow New Zealand locals but also their neighbouring country of Australia where they have been able to expand successfully in Melbourne. Here they have been able to grow and garner a following through the Dandenong market.

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