Finding spicy food in New Zealand is not a very difficult thing, especially if you find yourself living in the larger metropolitan cities of Wellington or Auckland. This is owed to the fact that New Zealand has become a hub of embracing other countrys’ foods and cuisine. Although New Zealanders are no strangers to spicy cuisine owed to Maori influences and culture there is a great deal more of spice and flavour to be enjoyed and experienced. One of the best places to try out spicy dishes that one may not necessarily be familiar with is the street food scene.

What To Try First

When it comes to choosing the spicy dish on the day one of the best ways to find a dish is going through their foreign food checklist. Most dishes that come from foreign countries are known for their spice and zest. The key is deciding which to try first.

These are the three countries that offer an assortment of spicy food, which you can also find on the streets of New Zealand:

Mexican Street Food

Mexico is known for cooking their dishes with chilli and salsa every chance they get. Try some spicy tacos which can be found at a number of street food vendors throughout major cities. The Mexican culture offers foodies a burst of flavour that is combined with both sweet and sour seasoning. Some other dishes to try include Baja Burrito, Quesadillas with chilli chicken, Pesca Cemita and Tostadas.

Indian Street Food

The Indians have no shortage of dishes that inspire a love and simple adoration of flavours. They have an array of dishes where the primary element is curry powder mixed with various spices that are organic and unique to India. Favourite street dishes from this part of the world include vada pav, spicy chicken, lamb or beef curry, and snacks such as samosas filled with chilli corn make for some delicious spicy cravings being statisfied.