Street food is blowing up all over the world giving food lovers options of everything from traditional hot dogs to brand new creations such as cookie dough cones, This can make deciding which dishes to indulge in can prove to be a rather frustrating notion. This is especially true if one finds themselves at a street market where there are many street food vendors parading their culinary goods.

These are three steps to follow when selecting a street food trader when faced with a ridiculous number of options.

Step 1: Decide the Taste of The Day

The first thing to do to wind down the list of options is to decide on the flavour and taste of the day. The insane number of street food vendors being available also means that there are different dishes, flavours, and cooking styles, available to choose from. There also healthy options, vegan and vegetarian options, spicy and greasy options, burgers, pizzas, soups, finger snacks, fries, tacos, burritos, and more to pick from. Deciding on the flavour of the day allows one to filter the rest of the options.

Step 2: Compare Prices

Once the three flavours have been selected the second step is to compare prices. Which one is more affordable, and which is pricey. Based on the budget for the day, is it the weekend of payday or is it a couple days into the month? These are questions that will help narrow down which dish is to be consumed on that day.

Step 3: Compare Popularity

Lastly, compare the popularity and reputation of the different vendors, this option is helpful when step two isn’t the official deal maker. Maybe the price is right for the budget on all three dish options, then comparing popularity can help to form a decision. This can be done by comparing lines, rapport and perception of the trader.