Street Food has been around for years especially in South East Asia and Southern America. However, it seems the craze has started to make its way to the West as well. New Zealand has slowly been following the trend and has finally caught up to the street food scene. One of the most valuable traits of this scene taking over is the opportunity for New Zealand natives to explore different cultures through food and flavours.

The Ease of Access

One of the reason that street food has managed to forge its own lane and its own audience is owed to the ease of access. One can merely stop by a stall during a busy weekday and subsequently be jetted off to Korea or India by simply biting into a dish. As such street food vendors are seen as bringers of food culture and often this is done in the most creative and innovative way. Food trucks, pop-ups and stalls allow different people from all over the globe to share their traditions and culture by choosing to serve food that is native to their traditions.

Food is a Universal Essential

This just means that food is something that every human being on this planet enjoys and consumes. This makes food a place of commonality and similarity, a place of agreement. This means that foods from different cultures are reflective of the social development that needed to take place in that particular region. Hence in certain western countries fork and knife are the cutlery of choice while in many Asian countries chopsticks are the cutlery of choice while in African and some Asian countries eating with hands is the norm.

Some cultures prefer to steam their food, something extremely famous in South East Asian countries such as China and Korea. Whereas in other countries roasting and frying are more the standard.