Pho Viet Street Food – A World Of Its Own

Vietnamese food is very prevalent in Wellington, and the famous beef noodle soup is a hot favourite among locals and visitors alike. Pho, the new Vietnamese restaurant taking Wellington by surprise offers delicacies and tantalising treats that will drive your taste buds into a frenzy.

The Restaurant – Vietnamese Charm

The restaurant itself is small, catering for only 26 patrons at a time. The view from the eating area is into the kitchen where giant pots are boiling on the stove. The second is more significant than the first, but both are abnormally large. The kitchen may be small; however, the taste sensations and scents wafting through the air are extraordinary. The decor is modest, contemporary, yet stylish. Wood and metal Scandi-style chairs keep you reasonably comfortable enough to sit and enjoy the meal. An authentic Vietnamese experience waits in store for you.

The Broth – The Solid Foundation

The Broth, the foundation on which pho is built. Flavours are developed in layers, and the chefs go to great lengths to achieve intensity and spiciness that is traditionally authentic pho. The restaurant has up to ten variations of pho. This is most commonly served with cuts of beef, however, at Pho, you can have yours served with seafood, duck, pork, and chicken. The vegetarians have not been forgotten in the mix and specially crafted to suit the eating preferences. For those who like things heated, chilli saves the day.

Herbs – The Only Downfall

While everything is perfectly prepared, and the portions rather generous, one common criticism seems to be the lack of fresh herbs and spices. New Zealand does have it herbs readily available, and although they may not be authentic Vietnamese, they would do well to season the meal.

Pho is the up and coming Vietnamese Restaurant in Wellington and is sure to reach new heights. A few minor tweaks and they will have everything down to perfection.

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