Rick Stein, The Cornish Chef With A Passion For Food

Since the 60’s, the chef has been enthralled by Californian and Mexican cuisine and he is on a path to showcase it to the world. While most would focus on fine dining and restaurants, this chef is more concerned with street food or food that every day people buy on a regular basis.

The Man, The History, The Passion

The Cornish Chef fondly remembers the early years where he was carefree and without a worry. He spent many a night in low class, cheap motels or just sleeping under the stars. His fascination with Mexico and Mexican food began early on.

His new television show “Rick Stein’s Road To Mexico” covers the broad topic of Californian and Mexican food. He tends to travel down memory lane a little, regaling tales of his experiences as a youth. What sets the flames of passion alight, however, is the food he comes across along his travels.

His focus is on healthy and natural ingredients that are found locally in the areas. His love for farmers markets and Mexican markets shines through. The television show takes him on a road trip through a variety of places, each with their own unique, fresh, and local cuisine.

Misconceptions About Mexican Food Banished

The general public has preconceptions about what precisely Mexican food is. Perhaps its too much television or just that we are more accustomed to an American style of Mexican, Tex-Mex, which is denser and richer than the real thing. Mexican food is substantially more than burritos, nachos, and sour cream. Many of the meals are lighter, less rich, and offer a much wider variety.

Up, Up, And Away

With Mexico under his belt, Stein is ready to take on the rest of the world. Australia, the United Kingdom, and even France are all on the cards. Let’s see what adventures unfold and what great cuisine he uncovers.

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