Today, eating in restaurants can be boring and outdated. What used to be a night out in the town for a candlelit dinner has slowly transitioned to a “grab and go” way of life.

In New Zealand specifically, this is the norm and is proving to be more and more popular by the day. From food trucks to stalls and even roadside taverns, this city is surely turning up the heat.

Usually, travellers and people passing by are more willing to purchase these foods due to the delicacies that each country has to offer.

Culinary Authenticity

One of the main benefits of eating such foods is that you get to consume what the locals and majority are eating. There are many countries who will offer you delicacies but it doesn’t necessarily mean that others in that country consume it. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization, it is estimated that around 2.5 billion people buy at least one meal from a street stall each day.

Meet and Greet

Grabbing a bite at one of the trucks is also a great way to meet with the locals and perhaps, make new friends. Keeping in mind that the locals hold the higher percentage of the 2.5 billion who come to these places to eat. As much as you are curious to speak to the locals, they are quite excited to speak to you too. This means that you also have the opportunity to let them in on your culture and where you are from.

Building a Better Economy

As with the rest of the world, small businesses are the drivers of the economy and without them, many jobs and livelihoods could be lost. Selling meals in trucks and stalls bring in money that these locals can use to try and better their lives as well as others.