The Casino That Offers A Winning Gaming Experience In Auckland

One of the great things about living in a major city like Auckland, New Zealand is the access to popular recreational entertainment such as gambling. Although gambling and visiting casinos in New Zealand is completely legal the scene at brick and mortar casinos is still considered somewhat taboo. With many Kiwis preferring to carry out their gambling habits online. However, one casino that seems to draw in the crowd both young and old, pensioner and wealthy is the SkyCity Auckland Casino.

What All the Buzz is About

Sky City Auckland Casino has forged a name for itself as the place to be on any given night, but especially on weekends. This 71,000 square feet beauty has over 1600 gaming machines which include slot games, video poker and more. They are also open to the high-rollers and lovers of table games offering over 100 table games both live and on machines. For the lovers of poker, there are 9 poker tables dispersed throughout the gambling floor, each playing a different variation of live poker.

Enjoy the Vibe

Auckland’s biggest casino offers a place to chill, relax, a JackpotCity App and to have a great time in general. There are multiple bars located on different ends of the building where visitors can order drinks and return to their games or simply order one from one of the lovely service men and women rounding the floor. If all the winning starts to get a little too overwhelming and hunger starts to settle then the 14 restaurants located in the building can certainly help in this area.

Nothing Short of Amazing

This casino is nothing short of amazing, from the outside visitors are greeted by a large and magnificent building with doors and windows made of glass. There are over 10,000 lights located throughout the casino, keeping visitors awake and well as engaged and captivated with all the festivities.

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