With the increasing popularity of street food, it may prove to be a challenge to pick what you’re having for lunch. Auckland is a prime example of a food bursting with street food from seafood to fresh BBQ. With all the different cultural dishes, traditional New Zealand flavours to ring in nostalgia or greasy foods that set your belly into rumbles on queue, making a choice may require some extra thought.

Pulled Pork Sammies From Dixie Barbeque

Dixie Barbeque has created am outstanding reputation for themselves as the masters of meat on the Auckland street food scene. They especially specialise in making meat taste better than ever required for it to taste. Their pulled pork sammie is especially meaty, juicy and full of seasoning that is good enough to create its own party inside your mouth. It is cooked to perfection with just enough crisp and crunch, with portions that are reasonable and filling.

Tacos from The Lucky Taco

When it comes to tacos in Auckland, no one does it as well as the guys at the Lucky Taco. Their tacos are not only crunchy but are coupled with the likes of marinated steak, and spicy fish. For those searching for something a little edgier to eat the tacos with the beef tongue may do the trick, otherwise, some pulled pork seasoned to precision won’t hurt either.

Chicken waffles from The Roaming Dive

Waffles are pretty delish all on their own, however if you couple them with some seasoned chicken and this rather simplistic savoury becomes ten times better tasting. Their waffles are always warm and fresh while their chicken is cooked to a brown crisp. You can pair this famous dish with their soft and crusty fries. This mouth-watering food sample makes it very easy to feed any immediate hunger.