The Rise of Street Food Popularity In New Zealand

New Zealand is known for being a modern country that is able to keep up with the current times and trends. This is a tradition the country has managed to uphold for years and a trait they have been able to show consistently. One area where this has been proven true is in the street food industry. For years popular street food pioneers Nin’s Bin have been providing New Zealanders with fresh crayfish purchasable from the side of popular streets in Kaikōura. However, it seems a new group of food trucks and stalls are flooding streets throughout New Zealand as more and more people are choosing to purchase food on the go.

The Business Of It All

The country and especially big cities such as the capital city of Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch have seen an increase in many young chefs and cooks opting to start their own businesses in the form of food caravans and trucks. Young cooks are taking to the streets to promote their culinary skills instead of being chained to a restaurant owned by someone else.

Creating The Platform

The rise in the popularity of street food in New Zealand has been catapulted to the forefront by day and night markets. Where many food truck owners are able to cater to a vast number of people at once. Food markets are especially known for promoting and endorsing street food by allowing truck and stall owners a platform to showcase their delicacies and beverages. Markets in Auckland such as the Silo Sessions Market has become the spot to be on a Friday night where you can enjoy food from a wide range of food trucks, stalls and pop-up stores serving up some warm, fresh and incredibly delicious dishes. Other markets that have brought street food culinary flairs on to the scene are the Visa Wellington on a Plate Festival based in the city of Wellington, and the Rotorua Night Market in Rotorua.

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