Three of the Best Street Food Traders to Checkout Throughout New Zealand

It seems that sitting down at a restaurant, reading a menu, ordering and sitting for a good 20 to 30 minutes waiting for your food to get to your table is just not something of appeal to many New Zealanders anymore. In fact, one could go out on a limb and suggest that eating inside a restaurant may be considered un-cool and not very down with the times. This is mainly due to the increased popularity of street food vendors who bring you customers access to an array of varying, delicious and affordable dishes that require a very short waiting time. People, especially young millennials who prefer unconventional levels of convenience, as well as hipster tendencies, are opting to eat their food on the go.

Maldito Mendez

This street food power duo consisting of Uruguayan born Nico Mendez and renowned New Zealand native chef Sarah Ginella are creating something rather awe-inducing in the street food scene. Some of their dishes include their sough-after mandica chips and their gazpacho soup with prawns and sprinkles of coriander and chilli. The two cooks have managed to successfully fuse South American influences with local Maori inspirations.

Banger Boyz

Another ordained street food duo is Billie Neilson and Will Keely who together formed Banger Boyz. As you may have guessed from the name the two specialize in sausages which they pair with soft artisan rolls with their very own home-made side of large caramelized onions, fries and sauces.

Siri taste of Sri Lanka

Enjoy a taste of Sri Lankan delicacies and try something you have never tried before. The owner of this street food trade is Sri Lankan native Nandasiri Alwis who has been working to spring forth Sri Lankan cuisine to the forefront of New Zealand streetfood. This is something he has managed to achieve as his stall draws in crowds who want to try out his curry rolls and chicken roti rolls.

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